This project documents and preserves the historical traditions of Latino music in Omaha, Nebraska—specifically, South Omaha—by conveying the stories of generations of immigrants who arrived and contributed to the fabric of life in South Omaha through Mexican and other Latino musical genres. The goal is to document and preserve Latino musical traditions and events that took place from the early 1900s to the present that pertain to the music scene and groups in Omaha who cultivated a social network in the South Omaha community. 

The documentary’s storyline conveys a story through Omaha native Marcos Mora eyes and his journey to discover the history of his ancestors, the Barrientos brothers and other musicians that played in the Omaha music scene from the 1930s to the present. 

The research concentrates on the Latino music scene that originated primarily in Mexico, and will be conducted through qualitative in-person interviews focusing on three main groups: Latino musicians, community activists, and Mexican American families (especially musical families).

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