Funding Resources

Douglas County Historical Grant Fund

Nebraska Arts Council

Omaha Community Foundation

Family and individuals that contributed photos, sound clips, interviews and video.

Jay Armetta Huerta, Carlos Barrientos, John Jr Barrientos, Joe Cabral, Reynaldo Cervantes, Mary Espejo Barrientos, Mary Lou Granandos, Abelardo Hernandez & Dolores Hernandez Barrientos, Adele Koziol Huerta, Ruth Francis 'Betty' Martin Hilario, Paul Marquez, Lucy E Mora Barrientos, Rose Alexandra Mora Barrientos, Atilano 'Lano' Oropeza, James Ramirez, Ester Sousa

Other support by individuals and organizations
Office of Latin/Latino American Studies, Dr. Michael Carroll, Dr. Michelle Curran, Gary Kastrick, Dr. Lourdes Gouveia, David Catalan, Abelardo Hernández,
Mayor Jim Suttle, Susan Aguilera-Robles, Mark Pieper, Alma Gutierrez, Bizzness Films, LatPro Studios, Connie Nielsen, Oscar Gonzalez, José Ramirez, Marcos Mora Barrientos, 
Lizeth Velasco

If you would like to contribute to this project or use any images/resources please email us at: or call 402.734.3240

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