Mariachi Luna Y Sol

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Omaha Entertainment Awards ‘Best Ethnic’ Group 2007

Mariachi Luna y Sol (MLS) is considered the best mariachi in the Midwest. In 2008, MLS performed for the former President and First Lady of Mexico Mr. & Mrs. Vincente Fox—a grand event that ended with a big hug from Martha Fox saying, “Such talented musicians…please continue to treasure your culture by continuing to foster your music…”

The year 2007 brought in some exciting experiences for Mariachi Luna y Sol. The band won the title of ‘Best Ethnic Group,’ under the Live Music category at the Omaha Entertainment Awards. The group also opened for Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas concert at Omaha, Nebraska’s Qwest Center. Recognized as the premier mariachi in the Midwest, Mariachi Luna y Sol is the only completemariachi in the region that has a full ensemble of violins, guitars, vihuela, guitarron, trumpets and vocals. With their beautiful harmonies and soloists members of the band have stunned crowds with unforgettable performances across the country from concerts to private events.

What sets this mariachi above all the rest is that it takes the music serious, says director Marcos Mora. “We do it because it’s our passion but at the same time we want to take the music to the next level we’ve yet to see a mariachi do that here in the Midwest…”

For the past years, they have studied with maestros from across the country as well as México to improve their repertoire and become better musicians. The group is housed at the South Omaha Arts Institute (SOAI) where they practice and perfect the mariachi sound.

"The South Omaha Arts Institute is doing important work in training young Omahans in the musical and dance arts of Latino Cultures. I am a fan and great admirer of their contributions and love the music that's coming from SOAI," says Hal France.


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